Menu overview

Chapter 4. Menu overview

The KGeo main view

The file menu

File->New (Ctrl-d)

Creates a new construction

File->Open... (Ctrl-o)

Opens a construction

File->Open recent (Ctrl-o)

Lists the last 5 files

File->Close (Ctrl-s)

Closes current construction

File->Save (Ctrl-p)

Saves the construction

File->Save as... (Ctrl-p)

Saves the construction under a different name

File->Print... (Ctrl-p)

Prints the current construction

File->Exit (Ctrl-p)

Exit KGeo

The edit menu

Edit->Preferencea (Ctrl-d)

Opens dialog to change preferences

Edit->Kioskmode (Ctrl-o)

Switches to full screen mode

The help menu

Help->Contents (Ctrl-d)

Opens the KGeo manual

Help->What's that? (Ctrl-d)

Choose this options and then click on an element on the screen to see a description

Help->Report problems (Ctrl-d)

Send an email to the author

Help->About KGeo (Ctrl-d)

Informationen about KGeo

Help->About KDE (Ctrl-d)

Informationen about KDE

KDE Logo