Tools to construct points

Tools to construct points

Construct a point.

Construct a point at (x;y).

Construct a point on a line or on a circle. This means that the point is attached to those objects.

Construct the point of concurrency of two lines, segments, rays and so on. Since you cannot drag around a point of concurrency, it is drawn as a little square.

Construct the bisection between two points.

Constrcut a mirror point. You can either mirror the point at another point or at a line.Einen Spiegelpunkt konstruieren. Dabei kann man entweder an einer Linie oder an einem Punkt spiegeln. The first point you click on is the one that will be mirrored. Then you can click the line or the second point.

Rotate a point around another point. The angle will taken from a already constucted angle. The first point you click on is the one that will be rotated and and the second point is the center of the rotation.

Move a point. Click on a point that you want to move and then on a vector that defines the movement.

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