01/28/2002 As you might have seen, I added a menu entry developer, which contains developer information.
01/28/2002 The latest KGeo sources are available on Sourceforge CVS (work in progress).
10/24/2001 ... and by the way: This will be that last release before KGeo will be part of the KDE Educational package. This website will remain though.
10/24/2001 Ok, I just released KGeo 1.0.2 in two different versions. One is for KDE 2.2.1 and the second for KDE 3. This release features new handling of colors and sizes of objects. Now, you can choose the size of an object from a listbox and you can choose the background and draw color from a color label in the status bar. What is more, printing has now been switched to KDE style. See the change log for details. Have fun with KGeo!
09/21/2001 Ok, I just released KGeo 1.0.1. This release features a new set of icons (Thanks to Jean-Philippe Martin), and the GUI in French. Also some bugs were fixed and the packaging was improved since last release contained some unnecessary files. Please, go to the download section. Have fun with KGeo!
09/19/2001 Just put a new screenshot up featuring the upcoming KGeo 1.0.1 in French and with a new set of icons. Thanks a lot Jean-Philippe (icons) and Laurent (translation).
09/08/2001 I have updated this site and added the English KGeo manual. Also, take a look at the wish list section, since this has been updated, too.
08/26/2001 It seems as if the rpm does not work well with a genuine Suse 7.1 installation. It should install with a current KDE 2.2 and QT 2.3 installation though. I you encounter problems, please, take the tar.gz archive.
08/24/2001 KGeo 1.0 is out! See the download section for the source and rpm package. KGeo 1.0 should compile flawlessly with any KDE 2.X and QT 2.X version. Hope you like!
08/11/2001 Hi, welcome to the new homepage of KGeo! From now on, KGeo is the official successor of KEuklid. I renamed KEuklid to avoid any licensing issues that might come up with a name so similar to some Windows programs. Anyway, I am now functional complete, which means that there will be a KGeo 1.0 release in about 10-14 days I hope. I would like to spend that time on bug fixing and stuff.
07/11/2001 I am still working on a redesign of KEuklid. A new version should be out very soon!
03/05/2001 Just added the KEuklid package for the Debian distribution to the download section. Thanks a lot Ben Burton!
02/24/2001 After a long break I am back working on KEuklid 0.1.3 which will focus on a new design, English and German documentation and bug fixes.
10/27/2000 Release of KEuklid 0.1.2 as source tar.gz and RPM file for SuSE 6.4. This version features arcs.
10/26/2000 I have just released KEuklid 0.1.1 as source tar.gz and RPM file for SuSE 6.4.
10/25/2000 I have just released the first KDE2 snapshot of KEuklid as tar.gz file, which should compile flawlessly under KDE2. In this version, load and save works as well as printing support and scaling of the underlying coordinate grid.
10/15/2000 The KDE2 port is done. In the next few day I am going to release a new snapshot, this time also as an rpm file for SuSE 6.4 and as a tar source file.
10/09/2000 I am mostly done with the porting of KEuklid to KDE2. Now I am concentrating on coding the load/save functionality for the first few geometrical objects.
10/04/2000 Started to port current KEuklid snapshot to KDE 2.This might take a few days, though.