For KGeo 1.1: Status:
Change Printing support to KDE style. closed
You should be able to copy objects or to apply moving and stuff to more than just a single point. open
New tools: squares, rectangles etc. open
Generally, translations should be more complete. open
Filling an area bound by at least three points with a color would be good. open
You should be able to hide objects, so that steps that are needed to construct something are not visible, but only the resulting construction. open
General scripting should be possible, or to record a construction and play it using different points as parameters. With that, you could construct something and then reuse it later. open
When you have chosen a tool, a more detailed description of what to do first would be helpful. closed
The point of concurrency of two circles or line and circle open
Sometimes it is annoying that KGeo goes back to the drag mode after an object has been constructed. You should have the choice to keep on constructing the same object. closed